Strabane Office

We've recently completed a VIAT ( Volunteer Impact Assessment Toolkit) report working with 10 volunteer involving organisations in the Strabane District.  To see the massive impact volunteering has locally, download the full report here

Our office currently at 26 Market Street, has been in Strabane since 2006, ensuring that we can provide volunteering support to the local population in the Strabane area.

Strabane has a long and proud history of volunteer involvement with many well established groups in the area.  We are pleased to be able to complement the work of these groups whilst supporting small, low capacity organisations to increase their volunteer numbers. This would not be possible without the fantastic support Derry City & Strabane District Council provide to us. We are delighted to have secured Community Support Funding for 2017/18 -  The support has allowed the office to remain open and operate its services as a volunteer centre serving Strabane Town from a central location.

The Service Level Agreement has enabled the volunteer centre to carry out the following services;

  • Provision of developmental support for local volunteer involving organisations
  • Promotion of volunteer opportunities
  • Provision of ACCESS NI checks
  • Promotion of Millennium Volunteers programme
  • Supporting volunteering best practice

To contact our Strabane office, please tel. (028) 7138 1800 or email