Access NI

North West Volunteer Centre is a registered Umbrella Body with Access NI providing a discreet, professional vetting service for employers and voluntary organisations within Northern Ireland. We have been providing this service since the inception of Access NI in April 2008 and administer approximately 1000 disclosure checks per year.

We offer enhanced, standard and basic checks.

We have dedicated and knowledgeable staff who are on hand to provide your organisation with the necessary guidance to use the service. As an organisation, you can register for the vetting service by completing an Organisation Registration Form and Access NI User Agreement. Individuals can download the PIN Notification and ID verification form to follow instructions and complete online.  Please note - all applicants must present ID before check can be processed further.

Please also access this link to the Access NI website for further guidance.

We are committed to helping volunteers access opportunities therefore our Access NI vetting service is primarily about reducing barriers to participation and enabling voluntary groups to make safe recruitment decisions when involving volunteers. We do not receive funding to deliver the service therefore we do have small administration fees in addition to any Access NI fees for enhanced disclosure applications. Currently our administration fees are £5.00 for a volunteer role and £10.00 for paid posts (in addition to Access NI fees £33 for enhanced disclosure application and £26 for a basic check paid post.  Volunteers, no Access NI charge for enhanced check, £26 for Basic check.) 

If you have any queries about the service, please feel free to contact us.


    To see ID requirements and complete online enhanced disclosure check please follow instructions and use PIN number provided here


    To complete a basic check - please contact the centre for guidance.