Volunteers for Action on Hearing Loss





Action for Hearing Loss are seeking volunteers for the following roles.Action on Hearing NI offers full on-going training for all volunteers including a one day induction programme and further training specific to the volunteering role.

1) In Touch Befriender.

To enhance the quality of life for older deaf and hard of hearing people in the community and residential homes by reducing social isolation.

2) Deaf Awareness Youth (Day Volunteer)

To raise awareness among children and young people about hearing loss and to promote empathy, inclusion and respect of people who are deaf, have a hearing loss and/or tinnitus. We work with schools and youth groups across Northern Ireland. Sessions usually last no more than an hour. Tasks include delivering presentations for groups of children aged 3-16 in their school or youth group setting.

3) Digital Champion Volunteer.

To assist with delivering basic online skills sessions to groups or individuals who are deaf or have hearing loss or enable them to increase their confidence and ability to new technology. Tasks include assisting the Digital Skills Office to deliver basic online skills training sessions to groups of people who are deaf or have hearing loss. You should have an interest in technology and a willingness to share your knowledge with people who are deaf or have hearing loss.

4) Fundraining and Events Volunteer.

To assist with fundraising activities across. Action on Hearing Loss currently currently spends approximately £1.5 million on services and support to make a difference to the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people.

5) Hearing Aid Support Worker.

To assist hearing aid users to adapt to using a hearing aid to overcome  initial problems they may encounter.Volunteers would visit clients in their homes and host local Action on Hearing Loss sessions. Ideally you will have used a hearing aid or will have personal experience of someone who uses one.

6) Information Volunteer

To assist the Action on Hearing Loss NI commmunications team in the provision of information on Action on Hearing Loss, deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus to the general public and professionals throughout Nortern Ireland. Attend Information sessions, Provide informationon deafness, give talks to groups of deaf and hard of hearing people, thier families, carers, community groups, schools and professionals.


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