Student Representative - The Student Energy Project

Your role as a Representative for The Student Energy Project  at your residence is invaluable - you are pivotal in channeling the message from TSEP to your student community about how they can positively adapt their environmental behaviours.

You will be encouraging your student peers to get involved in the sustainability activities on the TSEP website and at the heart of each of these activities will be something in it for the student; that may be a £50 voucher from monthly competitions.  Whatever the benefit is, your role as a TSEP Representative will be to inform your peers of the benefits and get them excited about being a part of a project in their community centred around a great cause.

Rep Incentives

Invaluable experience and a reference for your CV and future career prospects.  The student of the month will receive a £50 e-voucher and feature on the monthly newsletter sent out to all students, including information such as the university the student attends / accommodation the student stays at and a quote on how they became rep of the month.

For more information please contact the North West Volunteer Centre.



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