Stage 2 Communication Skills Development Programme Volunteer - Stroke Association


What is the purpose of the role?
The Stroke Association strives for a world where there are fewer strokes and all those touched by stroke get the help they need. A Stroke Association Communication Skills Development Group Volunteer would spend time with, and support members during meetings. 
What does the role entail?
To help group members undertake activities and social events as directed by the Speech & Language Therapy Assistant (SLTA)
To spend time listening to and supporting group  members, as required
To facilitate the communication skills of people living with aphasia as a consequence of stroke, by following the advice of the SLTA, using the materials and training provided.
To attend briefing meetings with the SLTA about new group members
To attend regular follow up meetings to discuss progress and to update the work programme
To introduce material which is of particular relevance and interest to the group member to whom you provide communication assistance
To inform the SLTA of any problems and to carry out any action as direct by them
To provide refreshments to members, as required.
To observe and follow the policies and procedures set down in the “Stroke Association Support Group Handbook”, including the equal opportunities, volunteer expenses, confidentiality, health and safety policies
To present a positive image of the Stroke Association  and its work at all times
To undertake appropriate training as the role requires
To undertake any other duties as required by the SLTA
To treat others with respect in accordance with the Stroke Association’s Equal Opportunities guidelines
To observe the Stroke Association’s Confidentiality Policy
Ensure compliance with Health & Safety in the workplace
To have an empathy and understanding of stroke and the Stroke Association’s mission, values,  and objectives 
What skills and experiences are desirable?
Good communication skills 
Patient and flexible approach 
A friendly and sociable manner
An ability to work without direct supervision
Personal Qualities
Commitment to attend regularly
Responsible attitude
Good communication/interpersonal skills
Ability to use initiative
Ability to work without direct supervision
Good sense of humour and ability to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere
Empathetic and non judgmental
Ability to put training into action
Ability to learn  from the support and supervision processes
What support and training will be provided?
Induction into your role, the Stroke Association and an understanding of stroke and aphasia
Regular and ongoing support from the SLTA
Support from the regional office the Operations & Projects Officer and service manager
Training as the role requires
What are the benefits?
An invaluable opportunity to undergo training
Out of pocket expenses are reimbursed 
Satisfaction knowing that the role will make a difference to the Stroke Association’s work and to individuals lives
Appointment subject to:
An Access NI check at enhanced level is required for this role
Two satisfactory references 
If you are interested in volunteering for the Stroke Association in Northern Ireland or would like further information on any aspects of our work then please contact us on:
Phone: 02890508020


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