Volunteer opportunitIes with DEPAUL



Activities Volunteer, Foyle Haven

Role Description: To encourage social interaction in a homeless accommodation service or drop in centre for ex street drinkers (Foyle Haven). Volunteers will engage with service i users by having a chat, play cards, play pol, gaming etc. Volunteers should be flexible with their approach in relation to users who who may have addiction issues, poor health, chaotic lifestyle and  / or low self esteem.

Community Support Volunteer, Housing First Services

Role Description: To support staff Housing First Team with joint visits, booking appointments and answering the telephone. These services work with service users suffering chronic alcohol and substance misuse, who also lead chaotic lifestyles living in the local community.

Volunteer Hairdresser: Foyle Haven

Role Description: To cut/style/groom male and female service users hair to encourage self care and boost self esteem.

Fundraining and Communication volunteers:

Role Description: To work alongside the Fundraising and Communications team to promote and to raise funds through Depaul campaigns and events.Volunteers can support on an occasional basis or deliver their own specific activities (pub quiz, car boot sale,) etc. Volunteers can also support the department with admin, research, awareness raising and social media work.



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