Volunteer Counsellor - Childline Foyle


Your role

You'll be there for children and young people by offering them support on the phone, or through an online 1-2-1 chat.  You'll be the caring person they can talk to about things like bullying, abuse, self-harm and family relationships.


Work within a vibrant team

Listen to children and young people

Offer them information, advice and support

Identify when a child or young person may be at risk

Maintain confidentiality within Childline

Develop and evaluate your practive


Your commitment

When you volunteer for Childline, you commit your time, energy, and emotional strength.  It's a big commitment, so we'd like to make it clear what we're asking for.

Initial training for 3.5 hours a week for 11 weeks

A regular weekly shift of 4.25 hours

A minimum commitment of one year

And don't worry, you get plenty of support.


For more information please contact the North West Volunteer Centre.




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