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Sion Stables will offer the visitor an unforgettable experience. A key part of this is the visitor becoming immersed in the history of the site and wanting to learn more. The museum / living history area is the gateway to the heritage village that is Sion Mills and this is where the interaction between the visitor and the site begins. We want the visitor to experience life in the 19th Century as seen through the eyes of a stable boy taking a break from his daily chores and talking to visitors about village life. This will be related to themes that are current for example at the moment we would have the 'stable boy' talking to visitors about life post WW1 - maybe he has just returned from the first world war and talks about how the war has changed the village, how the village contributed to the war effort, how linen was used in aeroplane wings ect.

As the theme actor you must immerse yourself in the role you are playing and learn about the Herdman family who would be your employers, anecdotal stories are key to drawing visitors into the theme, you will play an integral part in developing the theme's / story lines etc as you see fit and writing the scripts that you will play out. This is a very dynamic role and you may wish to use your talents in other areas such as engaging with school parties, story telling sessions for visitors etc, you will be intrinsically involved in developing what we offer to visitors.

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