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Do You enjoy reading? Would you like to join a team that shares this passion to help others in the community? have you a couple of hours to spare every week?

Reading Rooms uses a Reading Aloud and Shared Reading setting to encourage participants to share personal experiences from their past sparking memories, stimulating new thoughts and provoking conversations related to the short story and poems being used by the facilitators who are all trained volunteers. The reading Rooms project are delivered out since City of Culture Year in 2013. The work with Reading Rooms has shown outcomes beyond all expectations and continues to develop and grow.

Reading Rooms can take place anywhere in the community and works best in groups of no more than 10 people. If you would like to experience a Reading Room there is an open Reading Room for example in Foyleside Shopping Centre every Thursday at 7.00pm evening in Eason's bookshop which you are most welcome to visit. We are looking for volunteers now to share Reading Rooms with the following groups:

Older People Including those with dementia, Children and youth including those at risk or in care, People living with long term health conditions e.g. Stroke, MS, Cancer, Mental Health Difficulties

Volunteers are supported with free accredited training: OCN Level 2 Facilitation Skills for Shared Reading, (3 Day course) with Master Classes and Monthly Volunteer Support Meetings. You will also be able to enjoy attending artist's talks and other social events at the Verbal Arts Centre.


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