Praxis befriending role

The Role:

The Befriending Scheme recognises the value of bringing people together to form positive and supportive relationships which reduce isolation and alleviate loneliness.

The contribution made by volunteers has contributed significantly to Praxis Care service users and is a very valued and integral part of the organisation. There is growing recognition of the benefits to service users of befriending relationships, including the opportunity for social interaction, a reduction in isolation and loneliness, improved confidence and increased self-esteem

The befriending relationship is a two-way process where the volunteer also  benefits, particularly the feelings of satisfaction derived from helping others, and also increased confidence and self-worth. Volunteers also report improved job prospects, new job opportunities and wider social networks

The Befriending Scheme aims to:

• Help alleviate mental illness in those at risk by the provision of practical and emotional support
• Provide contact for those who are socially isolated by mental ill health
• Encourage the development of personal interests and social activities for service users within the community

These aims are achieved by volunteers who:
• Provide friendship and emotional support
• Encourage independence and the promotion of self-esteem
• Encourage social stimulation and reintegration into the community
• Pass on concerns to the relevant member of Praxis Care staff or directly to the Referral Agent

Befriending can either be on a one-to-one basis or in a group situation.

Praxis Care relies on the support of volunteers to keep the Befriending Service going. If you would like to find out more about volunteer opportunities in your local area please get in touch with Foyle Befriending Co-ordinator, tel: (028) 7136-1728/7130-8020; Email:

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