Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke - Volunteer Driver

Volunteer driver

Where required?

The various areas we require drivers to do pick ups for are;
Sion Mills/Magilligan/Limavady/Strabane/L’Derry.

NICHS service groups meet on different days/times in varies venues so we will try to match driver up to group according to availability.

What time is needed?
Varies for each service but usually 2- 3 hours per week

Main Purpose: To transport individuals to local Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS) services.

Duties of volunteer driver:
To provide transport to and from a NICHS service
To meet requests promptly as assigned
To call immediately if unable to meet an assigned request
To immediately report any problems stemming from a transportation assignment

Role requirements:
Must have a valid full driving licence and good driving record (Licence will be checked)
Ensure the vehicle is taxed and has a current MOT certificate (If relevant)
Ensure passengers are covered by car insurance (low business use must be stated on insurance certificate.)
Liaise with line manager
Ensure confidentiality of the client is respected at all times
Report any untoward incidents to the NICHS Point of Contact (POC)
Participate in ongoing self-development and training programmes as required in relation to the volunteer role
Work within the aims and objectives of the organisation as required and adhere to volunteer policies and procedures/good practice
Must maintain the vehicle in good working condition
Must have access to a phone
Must have and use seat belts
For the purpose of insurance, volunteer status begins at the time the volunteer leaves his/her home or other point of dispatch

Skills and abilities needed to carry out the role:

Volunteers must have the ability to take direction and carry out instructions.
Good communication and people skills.
They must be willing to work as part of a team.
There may be other duties specific to the role and be deemed necessary by the Stroke Scheme Co-ordinator.
Must enjoy being with people and have desire to help with transportation of individuals with needs for special transportation.

The following is a list of Volunteer Information which is intended to be helpful to the Volunteer.

Support, supervision and training

Full support & induction is provided by the scheme co-ordinator (help and advice, training queries, protocol, any problems encountered, reimbursement of expenses.)

The cost of volunteer training courses relevant to the role will be covered by NICHS.


All agreed out-of-pocket expenses will be paid on completion of a NICHS volunteer expenses sheet (Original receipts must be provided).

Where Volunteers claim expenses for mileage incurred a Mileage Form must be completed and authorised by the Scheme Co-ordinator.

Volunteers should not incur any expenses unless they have been advised to do so by the Scheme Co-ordinator.

What does the role offer volunteers?

• An opportunity to develop skills and share experience in the voluntary sector
• An opportunity to make a difference to the lives of those affected by Chest, Heart or Stroke related illness
• An opportunity to meet people and socialise

For further information please contact the volunteer centre or NICHS volunteer development co-ordinator Anne Norrie on 028 9026 6707 (Direct Line)


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