Environment Monitor Volunteer - Woodland Trust

Location: Across the Faughan Valley - Brackfield, Oaks, Burntollet & Killaloo Wood

Time: Surveys take place throughout the year, volunteers giving 4-6 days per year would be appreciated

The Environment Monitor role is primarily a seasonal role to support the development of a major landscape-scale woodland project across the Faughan Valley.  Surveys are varied, covering anything from generic hedgerow, woodland or habitat surveys to more specific; bat, lizard or frog orchid surveys.  These tasks will cover the whole of the Faughan Valley from Ness Wood to Claudy Country Park.

The following are considered key components of the role:

  • Attend an initial induction with the Volunteer Manager
  • Follow task specific training regarding relevant flora and fauna
  • Carry out surveys and providing data on tree diseases, hedgerows, ancient woodland, birds, rivers and a range of other habitats and wildlife
  • Always act in accordance with the agreed role risk assessment
  • Report any issues you come across on the site(s) to your volunteer manager
  • Adherence to the Woodland Trust Volunteer Charter, policies, procedures and guidelines

For more information please contact the North West Volunteer Centre.


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