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Community Volunteer – Awareness Raising

Where, when and how often?

The role is flexible and will respond to local requests to provide community safety information talks to a range of organisations including schools, community groups and church groups.


How will this role make a difference to my community?

This role will support NIFRS in providing fire safety messages to local communities.

What will I be doing?

You will be:

* acting as a community engagement ‘champion’, spreading the word on fire safety amongst members of the public and target groups (e.g., older people, specific neighbourhoods);

* attending events and awareness sessions to promote safety and wellbeing; and

* building links between community organisations and NIFRS to promote the services which NIFRS offers.


Is this role for me?

This role will suit you if you:

* have the ability to work well within a team and to follow instructions;

* have good communication skills;

* have good organisational skills;

* are committed to inclusion, treating people from all backgrounds with dignity;

* know, or are willing to learn, about fire safety; and

* 18 or over.

Reasonable adjustments will be made to support our volunteers to complete their roles.

What do I have to do before I start?

Application form


Access NI Check





How will I be supported during my volunteering?

You will be allocated a role manager who will support you while you are volunteering with NIFRS.  A uniform and identity card will be provided to all volunteers.  All pre-agreed out-of-pocket expenses incurred while volunteering will be reimbursed.




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